About Us

Our Malaysian Story - Navigating Malaysia with Passion

Starting a new business in the travel and tourist industry presented its own set of problems. However, our steadfast confidence in the transforming impact of travel, as well as our commitment to providing great service, kept us going forward. We’ve developed our expertise, formed vital relations, and earned the trust of our growing Malaysian clientele.

Royal Ocean Travel and Tourism is now proudly recognised as an example of trust and excellence in the Malaysian tourism sector. Our path has been one of personal development, learning, and, most significantly, the opportunity to share memorable travel experiences with numerous individuals and families.

As we look ahead, we are committed to making travel enjoyable, safe, cost-effective, pleasant, and really memorable. Join Royal Ocean Travel and Tourism to create the next chapter of your travel adventure.


Why Choose Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to transform your Malaysian travel experience. We are committed to creating extraordinary journeys that not only satisfy your wanderlust but also have a beneficial impact on the locations you visit and the people you meet. We hope to inspire you to become a global citizen, making a difference wherever you travel, through ethical and sustainable tourism.

Our Vission

Our aim at Royal Ocean Travel and Tourism extends beyond traditional travel. We want to be the cultural bridge that fosters greater knowledge and respect of our Malaysian community. We see ourselves as Malaysia's leading advocate for inter-cultural exchange, guiding visitors on transformational adventures that span boundaries and promote harmony.